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Welcome to Urban Sage!  My name is Janis Elliott and I have been an RMT for the last 22 years.  I live on Vancouver Island with my my husband and three awesome boys.

As I move through motherhood and the busyness that it brings, I have focused my massage practise on self care.  If you are anything like me you can relate to the juggling of things throughout the day.  Where do you fall into the day?  Do you take time for yourself?  Do you have a job that is taxing? Finding it hard to relax and feel grounded?  Feel like you are always on the go?

It’s time to put some focus on yourself.  Massage is a beautiful way to step to the side and take a moment to do some self care.  I am a BIG fan of having non-negotiables in my life.  Non negotiables are things you will not do without.  For me, it is self care during the day.  It is NOT a selfish thing to do at all and will help feel more refreshed and help you to honour yourself.

I am a women only massage business as I work out of my house.  Since moving to BC I am now considered a “Massage Provider” and cannot give receipts.  Because of this I have lowered my prices to ensure that you can take advantage of a professional massage that won’t break the bank.

Whether you have a specific problem to work on or its is just some me time…..I’ve got you covered.  Keep an eye out for monthly specials and recipes I plan to post weekly.

Yours in self-care,

Janis Elliott 
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